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In Seward we are lucky enough to have all 5 types of salmon run in our waters. The king (chinook), sockeye (red), coho (silver), pink (humpback), chum (dog) salmon all run up rivers in the area to spawn and therefore … Continue reading

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A Symbol is Conceived

The bald eagle, haliaeetus leucocephalus, our nation’s most recognized symbol is considered by many to be the living embodiment of the core values of our country, strength, freedom, pride and nobility. These large birds of prey are incredibly common in … Continue reading


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Sea Steak

Forget seal clubbing in New Zealand, in Alaska you eat them. My co-worker Sean had the honor of accompanying a native family this winter on a seal hunt. He registered for an observer pass and took off with the family … Continue reading

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Cruising Along

My first experience at Major Marine in Seward was as a passenger aboard the Glacier Express. During the 5-hour tour we saw the gamut of Alaskan wildlife, the seas were calm, the sun shining and the experience was incredible. Right … Continue reading

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Generally, before I go somewhere new I like to go headfirst, with a mind full of limitless possibilities and very little actual knowledge (like, for example, the year I went to New Zealand without a raincoat). By quelling my racing … Continue reading

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