About ACID

Fold up the maps and put away the globe. If someone else had charted it, let them. Start another drawing with whales at bottom and cormorants at the top, and in between identify, if you can, the places you have not found yet on those maps, the connections obvious only to you. Round and flat, only a very little has been discovered.

-Jeanette Winterson

Kristen Fraley has traversed the globe in search of adventure. She’s guided whale watching tours in the fjords of Alaska, harvested pinot noir grapes in New Zealand, protected cara blanca monkeys in Costa Rica and raced Smart cars through the mountains of Switzerland.

She’s discovered a world rife with incredible people, cultures and possibilities. She has learned to see the world through a multicultural lens with a finely-tuned sensitivity of people from all walks of life, beauty amidst the chaos and poignant lessons hidden just out of sight. 

ACID intro


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