The End of The Road

Homer, a city founded on dubious means by an infamous con man, has evolved in to the self-acclaimed halibut fishing capital of the world. It’s a beautiful, laidback beach town whose charm is accentuated by its location on the end of a long spit. The spit, which serves as a narrow tract of land also conveniently, bottlenecks the tourists and keep them separate from the residents. The Homer Spit is a dreamy and idyllic blend of beach, boardwalks, fishing holes and docks.

Known as “a quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem”, Homer’s own Salty Dawg Saloon is something of a landmark in Alaska. People proudly don t-shirts depicting the pastoral yet uniquely recognizable landmark. The bar offers Homer’s own Scottish Ale (bottled in recycled Sobe bottles) as well as a delightful chance to bask in the sun’s last rays and rub shoulders with a few local fishermen and some swill seeking tourists.

Tourists that visit the town will have dozens and dozens of charters to choose from, or, as a more frugal alternative they can head down to the beach and try their luck from land.

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